Life Post: Thanksgiving On A Budget

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A couple weeks back I posted ideas on how to make your Thanksgiving dinner fun and creative. Well it turns out that little did I know, that we would soon be hosting Thanksgiving for some of my family members! My husband suggested it, so I figured why not?

I quickly started thinking of quick and easy ideas that I could create on a limited budget, and limited space. Much of the time when browsing Pinterest, I feel like the only way to have adorable parties is with a hefty budget. I wanted to show you that even with two crappy fold out tables, and plain black fold out chairs, you can host a dinner that is cute, and budget friendly!

Life Post: Thanksgiving On A Budget | | The Stinky Love Blog

First thing that we needed to do was plan out how we would fit 12 people in our small(ish) living space. Our home is open concept, so we knew that our living room would work best for this large feast. We moved all of our couches, our rug and ottoman out of the way and placed two large folding tables, and 12 folding chairs straight down the middle of the room. But now we would run into another issue; where would we all hang out while waiting for the food? Though we have a bit of basement space, it’s not ideal for the amount of people we had attending. The only other hope was that the weather would work out to be nice, and we could all enjoy the deck one last time before the cool weather set in.

We started to think of ways to dress up the space, and my husband thought of the great idea to use our wedding tablecloths to cover the ugly fold out plastic ones, and they looked really great! We then used my grandmothers china for all the place settings, and paired them with floral napkins (you can never have too much floral, right?). To add a bit of life to the table, I created two pumpkin centrepieces after getting inspired by a post on pinterest. It was super easy and they turned out pretty cute!

Lastly I made a ‘Be Thankful’ sign and hung it on the empty wall in our living room,it helped to set the tone for the night, and it added some life to our empty walls. That night as we all sat around the table I was so thankful that everyone was able to come together and that they appreciated all the hard work that goes into one night. It just goes to show you that you don’t need a crazy budget to create a cute family dinner :)

Oh yes! I also made myself a gluten free pumpkin pie in a jar and it was AMAZING! I made two and they were so, so delicious. How was your Thanksgiving? And for all the Americans celebrating today, are you hosting Thanksgiving? Show me your simple decor solutions!

Favourite DIY Projects This Week: Fall Inspired!

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It’s already that time of year again! Time to break out your big comfy sweaters, your knee high boots and prepare for all that fall has to offer! I personally love fall, everything from it’s cool days, the clothes I get to wear, and the holidays that it brings along. Since it’s quickly approaching I thought I would share a few of my favourite DIY ideas I have seen around the internet. I hope to try a few of these ideas, and maybe come up with a few of my own. Take a look at the pictures and links below to give some of the ideas a try!

DIY Projects Round Up | Fall Inspired |

These all look really great, don’t they? I love that all the ideas are easy to switch up to really make your own. Like the giving tree; you could use dried leaves, or even simple pieces of paper. It’s a fun way to get all of the family involved in saying why they are thankful. I also love that the candy jars could be used for every season or holiday. All you need to do is switch up the candy and the ribbon! I also added in a yummy food DIY, because I mean….why not? Don’t forget, if you like this post share it with your friends or subscribe so you will always be up to date with my posts. Happy crafting!

// 1. via: Simply Vintage Girl: The Thankful Tree
// 2. via: The Idea Room: Thanksgiving Table Centrepiece
// 3. via: Olivias Cuisine: S’mores in a Jar
// 4. via: Craft Buds: Fabric Pumpkins Tutorial
// 5. via: Paint the Town Pretty: Fall Candy Corn Jars
// 6. via: Spoon Fork Bacon: Rosemary Wreath Place Cards

Rustic Ontario Barn Wedding

Love Post | The Stinky Love Blog | www.stinky-love.comThe love and support you feel on your wedding day is something so special, and something that you will remember for years to come. The night before our wedding there was a random downpour accompanied by some hail. Now most brides might get a bit nervous, but for some reason I felt at ease. I guess at that point it’s out of your control, so there is no sense in worrying. I also figured it would pass by morning. That morning the sun was only covered by a few clouds and the wind was strong. My sister stayed the night and we woke up early, anxious to get started. It’s a funny situation because you feel like you should be rushing trying to get a million things done, but you also don’t want to start to early and compromise your makeup or hair. So we ate breakfast and slowly the other girls began to arrive. Between getting dressed, doing your hair and makeup, taking pictures and shooting a video; time can seem to slip away. We were getting ready down to the last second.The Big Day: Rustic Ontario Barn Wedding | | The Stinky Love BlogAs the girls got ready at our home, the guys were getting ready at the venue. The space they were in was awesome; it’s called the drive shed. It features a ton of old signage, a pool table, a tv, and of course a beautiful convertible. They shared drinks and had some fun exploring the venue until the rest of the wedding party made it there.

The Big Day: Rustic Ontario Barn Wedding | | The Stinky Love Blog

We arrived at Belcroft and my stomach began to flutter with excitement. I walked into the courtyard where our ceremony was going to take place and I was in awe. Hoopla did an amazing job making our vision come to life. From the draped fabric, home made signs, hanging bottles that lined the aisle and the lights stringing from tree to tree; it was more then I could have hoped for. Hoopla also created our bouquets and boutonnieres; as well as a special hair piece that I requested which finished off my look. I couldn’t believe this was our wedding day; It was finally here. I wanted to pause that moment and take it in longer, but we had places to be and things to do before the ceremony started.

The Big Day: Rustic Ontario Barn Wedding | | The Stinky Love Blog

My maid of honour (my wonderful sister) and I walked to the back where I was about to see Peter for our ‘first look’. We walked to where the rest of the bridal party was, making a wall I could hide behind as Pete got into place. Everyone looked so amazing, and everyone was in good spirits; we exchanged quick hugs and laughs before I approached my soon to be husband. I trekked along the grass walking up behind him. My heart was beating so fast, and I could already feel my anxiousness and tears setting in. I can’t describe the feelings that I had, they were so pure and real. I paused a few feet away from him and called his name, he turned around with the biggest smile on his face. It is one of those moments that you know will never happen again, and that makes it so, so special. If you are debating doing a first look, I would highly recommend it. It helped me to calm down a bit and have a special moment with P. I knew I would be emotional walking down the aisle, so it gave me a chance to really see him and how handsome he looked. It also gave us time to celebrate as a group before the craziness of the night started.

The Big Day: Rustic Ontario Barn Wedding | | The Stinky Love Blog

We took all our pictures before the ceremony, saving us time. It helped us all ease up and relax; though it also made us very hungry. A note to all future brides: Make sure you have lots of food, and eat before the REAL nerves set in. I was fine until we started to line up, preparing to go down the aisle and then our song started to play; it was time! My amazing friend agreed to sing acoustic songs for the guests as they waited, as well as our walk down the aisle song; ‘The Wedding Song’. It was breathtaking. Thinking back, I wish I told myself to just breath. I was going to be surrounded by people who love me unconditionally, and marry the man I have always hoped to find, what could be better? My poor Dad tried to help me calm down, by talking to me and holding my hand, but I was still a blubbering mess. Holding onto my Dads arm and finally being in this moment was surreal. It was all so bittersweet; moving on from my childhood life and starting my own family. I’m very close with both my parents, so halfway down the aisle I had my mom join my father and I the rest of the way; it was a special moment.

The Big Day: Rustic Ontario Barn Wedding | | The Stinky Love Blog

The ceremony was emotional for me, I tried to keep it together – but instead I just blubbered out my vows; trying my best to breath. It was finally time to “Kiss the Bride” – the moment we had all been waiting for…well mainly me and P. We skipped off with our smiles beaming; husband and wife! We took a bunch of family photos in the garden section of the venue and then headed back to the courtyard cocktail hour to mingle. It was great that we were able to talk with our friends and family, and also enjoy a few drinks. I couldn’t believe this was our wedding day! Looking at all the people who came to celebrate with us, and how much they were enjoying themselves was the cherry on top of our fabulous day. After a bit of mingling we headed inside to the reception. As you walked into the doors of the barn there was a big candy bar, along with our guestbook, and pictures of our families wedding days. Everything was thought up and designed by my amazing mother. She did a beautiful job! The dining room was one of the biggest spaces in the barn. It has high ceilings, gorgeous wood beams and large doors that open to the balconies overlooking the courtyard.

The Big Day: Rustic Ontario Barn Wedding | | The Stinky Love Blog

I had taken a peak a bit earlier when I arrived, and of course it was just as beautiful as the courtyard! Hoopla went above and beyond what I thought I was getting. Everything fell into place so well and my vision had come to life. The tables were draped in navy table cloths, and the seats were covered by rouched white covers. Our families were sitting at long harvest tables lined with beautiful flowers, as well as a few of my DIY projects from the blog (Rustic Wooden BoxesBurlap Mason Jars). The head table sat at the front, surrounded by crates, flowers, balloons as well as a few other small touches. All together it created a relaxed, bright and inviting environment – see for yourself and let me know what you think.

For dinner we did a simple buffet with yummy comfort foods; pasta, chicken, salad etc. I think it turned out really nice! Sadly, I don’t think I enjoyed it as much as I could have. I found I didn’t eat enough before the ceremony and felt so sick by the time dinner came. Again, my advice to all future brides is make sure you have lots of snacks, and lots of options throughout the day. The nerves make it especially hard to eat, but try your best – you’ll thank yourself later. For dessert we had a few different options, including an ice cream bar, and ice cream cake! We don’t love cake, so we decided to take a different route for our day and I think it turned out perfect. During dinner our wonderful wedding party, and some of our family membered came up to say kind words. Hearing all the nice things they had to say is a very humbling experience. Especially after going through this whole journey together and really learning/growing as a group made me hear everything they were saying differently. When our turn came to speak, I was so nervous. I’m not a good public speaker, but once we got going and I had a chance to see everyone who made it out for the occasion I couldn’t help but feel grateful and relaxed. We enjoyed our first dance under the night sky and the courtyard trees that were lined with lights; it was everything I had dreamed of. We danced the night away until our bodies could barley move anymore.

The Big Day: Rustic Ontario Barn Wedding | | The Stinky Love Blog


As we road home in the limo we talked about how we couldn’t believe it was already over! They day flew by so fast, but it was all worth it. We had the best time and we have heard nothing but good things from our friends and family. My advice for you soon-to-be-married couples; enjoy every second! Stop and appreciate the small details so that they are engraved in your mind. It can be hard to not feel rushed when your on a timeline, but try your best to just go with the flow so you enjoy each stage of the day. Remember what the day is really about and focus all your attention on that person; taking in each word, each look, and every touch. Remember how much you love them, and on that day remember the immense joy you feel. Happy planning!